Why do we do this?

We believe that financial knowledge is an essential pillar of your business success.

Why we exist

We want you to have the right information, knowledge, and insights to make the best decisions with a complete understanding of the financial side of your business. We position Fulcrum’s support to provide your company with a competitive advantage. In the process, we become your trusted bookkeeper, accountant, and CFO advisor. Nothing makes us happier than your overwhelming success.

How We're Different

Fulcrum Accounting is designed to support your bookkeeping, accounting, CFO, and tax needs. Our workflows fit the way you do things. Our focus is on your success, nothing else.  Other companies offer outsourced bookkeeping and CFO consultancy, but Fulcrum Accounting is the only company that delivers on all three of these uniques.

Digital Transformation drives our business to support yours.

“The Times They Are A-Changin” We’re crossing the bridge into the era of Digital Transformation. Technology now offers interoperable ways of capturing transactional data, aggregating and storing the data, and transforming the data into insights and knowledge accessible from any web browser. Changes unimaginable a few years ago are commonplace today. We bring sound principles, fresh ideas, and new opportunities to rethink workflow in small business.

Our know-how comes from hands-on work in small business.

We have small business war stories just like you. We know the importance of cash management because we’ve had to run businesses through tight times. We’ve experienced the challenges of getting the job done with time constraints and inadequate resources. We know the importance of having the right people in the right place. Understanding the day to day challenges you face, we bring our know-how into your business giving you more capacity, and more time to focus on growing your business.

Collaborative partnerships provide best in class solutions.

It’s challenging to stay relevant in today’s competitive marketplace. Product life cycles are collapsing, and technology is continuously changing the way we engage our customers. Running the day to day business leaves little time to focus on the future. Whenever your needs extend beyond Fulcrum’s core services, we tap into our network of leading-edge service providers ready to share their expertise, so your company stays fresh and on the competitive edge.

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Our process aligns Fulcrum's expertise with your business objectives

Our services combine with our process and expertise to provide a unique outsourcing value proposition. Taken together is how it works. It’s the integration of our methods with yours that creates value. We focus our attention on your business. Our proven and straightforward business process is a critical component of our mutual success.

Proven Process | Fulcrum Accounting

This is a time when we are listening and learning about your business; where you’ve been, and your vision for the future. The process begins by asking clients to complete a simple, on-line Consultation Questionnaire. We go deeper by scheduling a time to learn about your needs, wants and challenges. By the end of this meeting, we’re determining if Fulcrum Accounting’s outsourced services are the right solution.

Constructing the roadmap is an essential phase of gathering information and depicting the finance and accounting functions with great detail. We document workflows and who does the work. With a solid understanding of the current situation, we work with you proactively planning for the future. Knowing where we are heading we construct your Roadmap to the future, make sure it is specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound.

Each client is unique, so we carefully plan this period of transition in the utmost detail. We focus on the seamless coordination of tasks, the alignment of communication and securing portals to share data. It’s also the time we implement the right data structures and software integrations to drive efficiencies, reporting, and insights.

Now it’s time to perform within the daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual schedules. It’s simple for us because it’s what we love to do. Along with the deliverable within your service package, you’re likely to experience new confidence and sense of relief that the finance and accounting functions have become a pillar strength, no longer consuming your energy and time.

It’s important to take the opportunity every 90 days or so and formally check-in. We meet with crucial Stakeholders and check our progress against the SMART Roadmap making adjustments where necessary. Once a year we shift the agenda to an Annual Review. Then, looking into the upcoming year, we refresh the SMART Roadmap and continue moving forward.