Our focus unifies every component of a business. Data becomes decisions, ideas turn into action.

Everyone knows more, works together better, and gets more done, faster.

Let your data tell a story

Imagine driving a car without gauges and displays to provide up to the moment information. It’s second nature to rely on instrumentation to tell us when to add fuel and guide us to our destination.

The business of the future will be a genuinely digitally-connected organization. Intuitive online visual reports will be the norm. Data will be the fuel that drives business.

Fulcrum’s process focuses on what you need to know. Our pragmatic solutions provide the capacity to integrate data into powerful visualizations helping you see what’s trending and take action quickly with confidence.

If you’re a hands-on business owner, of course, you can feel the pulse of the business, but we want you to have a few simple gauges to validate your intuition and assure the company is operating as planned.

Bring together data, systems, and people for a digitally connected business

Business success depends on our ability to work together faster, better, and stronger. Speed and collaboration require pulling information from everywhere, integrating everything, and connecting everyone.

Fulcrum integrates proven best in class technologies aligning with a data-driven strategy. Our goal is to provide fully mobile, cloud-based reporting that enables all employees to engage with real-time data, increasing everyone’s productivity and ability to act on the data.

Today’s legacy systems are constraints, but cloud-based applications are opening portals to data connectivity and interoperability for the small business. Contact Fulcrum Accounting and learn what’s possible.

Custom dashboards for QuickBooks Enterprise ~ QBAR

QuickBooks Enterprise users can immediately tap into a fully customizable and powerful reporting feature called QuickBooks Advanced Reporting, QBAR. Incorporating QlikView’s powerful engine and visualization features; QBAR offers the opportunity to create dynamic, interactive reports from the QuickBooks database.

More than a report, QBAR can transform workflows. Complex data aggregations can be generated within minutes providing nontechnical users the information they need. QBAR offers a powerful, interactive data discovery experience. Bring analytics into every decision.

Reach out to Fulcrum Accounting for expertise in the development of your custom QBAR applications.

Fulcrum builds custom QBAR applications

5 Dials to monitor the business

A business owner’s dashboard

Objective: Quickly identify opportunities, detect risks, and monitor performance

 Fulcrum Accounting Interactive Dashboards

Specifications – Embedded reports:

  1. Cash position
  2. Accounts Receivable, in total and aging based on due date
  3. Accounts Payable, in total and aging based on due date
  4. Quick and Current liquidity ratios with a comparison to the prior year
  5. Sales Analytics by product type showing: prior year to date sales, current year to date sales, sales by month, Year to date COGS, margin goal %, year to date margin %, prior year to date margin %, Open sales orders

Deployment: The controller refreshes this report Monday morning and providing it via email to the business owner.


  • The business owner has weekly visibility to key financial indicators.
  • The dashboard has surfaced issues around data integrity, liquidity and profit recognition.

Sales Order Fulfillment

Visual cues to maximize revenue

Objective: Provide an interactive application showing the fulfillment status for sales orders.

Specifications – Embedded reports:

  1. Sales order open amount
  2. Sales order shippable amount
  3. Sales order line item open quantity
  4. Sales order line item unallocated quantity
  5. Sales order line item fulfillment visual indicator: Green = Sales Order all lines are fillable, Orange = partially fillable, Red = no items on hand
  6. Sales order line open amount
  7. Sales order line item shippable amount

Filters: Customer Name, Sale Order, Ship Date Month, Product Type, Item

Other Features: 

  • Export data tables to Excel
  • One click to update the application

All open sales orders, all customers, and all datesFulcrum Accounting Interactive Dashboards QBARSelecting sales order 9570 displays the line item detail and its fulfillment statusFulcrum Accounting Interactive Dashboards | QBAR

Stock Status Reporting

Identify inventory shortages and excess before it happens

The 1st tab displays two tables: items with shortages and the net position by itemFulcrum Accounting Interactive Dashboards | QBARThe 2nd tab shows an item’s supply, demand and net quantity by the scheduled dateThe 3rd tab provides an open purchase order’s line item detail by scheduled date

Objective: Provide an interactive Stock Status Reporting application highlighting items with shortages.  

Components include:

  1. An interactive report highlighting inventory items with shortages, filtered by the vendor.
  2. Drill down capabilities and see an item’s supply, demand and net quantity by the scheduled date.
  3. Open purchase order detail showing scheduled delivery date for each line item

Specifications – Embedded reports:

  1. Items with a short position
  2. Quantity on hand
  3. Quantity on open purchase orders
  4. Quantity from build assemblies
  5. Quantity reserved for build assemblies
  6. Quantity on open sales orders
  7. Reorder point

Filters: Item, Preferred Vendor, Vendor, Purchase Order, Customer, Sales Order, Product Type

Other Features:

  • Export data tables to Excel
  • One click to update the application